A Step Change in Online Donations

Globally unique, Rubicon-CSR® will change the way CSR Strategies and Charities work together – in true collaboration

Why the Rubicon-CSR Programme

We believe that Rubicon-CSR® is the world’s first self-funded, online digital donations programme designed to transform charitable giving through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies by Business Sponsors or Charities’ themselves

Charitable Donations
Subscription Based
8 Forms of Digital Interaction

How the programme works

Rubicon-CSR® is the world’s first digital fundraising and customer service support programme.

As a subscription model, it is the ideal self-funding solution for charitable giving. The programme can be paid for directly by Charities themselves, (as well as not-for-profit organisations), but more usually it is paid for as an investment in the Charities’ own Business Sponsors as part of their strategic CSR or philanthropic programmes

Essentially it is a web chat box interaction service (as often already seen on traditional websites) that is placed both on the Charity website and on their various social media platforms. A UK based customer service team of live agents will interact with digital visitors on behalf of the Charity or CSR Business Sponsor to secure encrypted donations which go directly to the intended client Charity. The agents will also facilitate any volunteer and support queries. The multi-channel interactions take place through Web Chat, Telephone, SMS (text), Email and four social media platforms -Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. (Please note: WhatsApp is the only one currently not accepting payments online)


Charity – significantly increase the Charities digital donation income; plus install a customer service team online for queries and volunteers

Business Sponsor – turn your Corporate Social Responsibility programme into a genuine ‘profit centre’ to generate ongoing self-funded investment plus PR and promotional benefits both for the chosen Charities and your own Company


How to obtain your ‘Rubicon-CSR Programme place in the queue

Contact the Rubicon-CSR team either for immediate registration with the Expression of Interest application form or for further information at registration@rubicon-csr.org

Please note that registration although not legally or contractually binding commits you to:

  1. A place on the programme register which can and will be publicly displayed
  2. The Charity being registered or sponsored agrees to a free pre-onboarding ‘website traffic number of visitors check’ before the programme can begin

And so, the programme begins that will Globally change the dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes as we know them.